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BeerBods is the UK's leading online beer club and subscription service, regularly delivering to over 20,000 homes in the UK. We also provide a range of services for businesses, from wholesale and bulk ordering, through to corporate tastings and consultancy. Have a little read below and get in touch if you think we can help.

Matt and the BeerBods team

Friday Beers

Meetings just got fun. Get your team together for a beer in the office every Friday afternoon. We'll make sure the beers are with you on Friday morning, leaving you plenty of time to get them in the fridge. Just tell us how many beers you want and how often you want them delivered. We'll sort the rest.

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Bulk Ordering

Beer makes a wonderful corporate gift. Trust us, we've bribed enough people with it. Get in touch with us to chat discounts for beer boxes and gift subscriptions.


Talks and Tastings

We rock up at loads of offices and events to host beer tastings and talks. Whether it's beer or business you want us to chat about, we'll tell a story you haven't heard before.


BeerBods Intelligence

Tap into our knowledge of the craft beer movement. We provide a range of consultancy services offering unique insights and intelligence from drinkers, retailers and brewers to help you do beer better.



We supply a wide range of businesses with bottled beer from the UK's leading breweries. So if you run a bottle shop, restaurant, bar, pub, or events, give us a shout..


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