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Gift Ideas


“Thank you”… “Sorry”… “Happy Birthday”…

“Congratulations”… “I love you”… “A little treat for myself”… Whatever it is you're trying to say…

Say it with beer.

Matt + the BeerBods team


Gift subscription

Sign someone up to our beer club and they'll drink one bottle of amazing beer from a small, independent brewery every week for 12, 24 or 48 weeks. Each week they'll be emailed the story behind the beer and have a chance to join in an online tasting every Thursday at 9pm.

From £36

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The Beer Writers Dozen

Twelve beers selected by twelve of the UK's best beer writers, including Roger Protz, Pete Brown, Mark Dredge and Melissa Cole. These folks know what they're on about.


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The Traditionalist Box

A box of twelve British beers for the traditionalists. For the ones that know what they like and like what they know. All in big bottles too.


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The Lager Box 2018

There is one beer style that every British brewery worth their salt has been trying to master in 2018. Lager.

From £35

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The 'Good Beer Doing Good' Box

Brewers are a good bunch. A select few of them are particularly special though. We wanted to shine a light on them. A case of twelve beers by breweries that are making the world a slightly better place.


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BIG Bottles

One of our very special 750ml (that's BIG) bottles of beers. Ideal for sharing with a loved one. Or a mate.

From £15

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A great beer deserves a great glass. Whether you're after a super smart Teku or a traditional dimpled pint mug, we've got you covered.

From £10

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Top Bods Merchandise Bundle

A BeerBods glass, bottle opener and tote bag. For the SuperBods™.


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